Finding Hope



It was a very painful few days. Like the ebb and flow of waves lifting up and then bowing down low, we have been in a place that was very low and shallow. There was barely enough provision to spread around and meet our needs. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t lift my head up to believe anymore. 


I felt like I was in a dark place of my soul, where the silent suffering was so intense that it hurt too much to keep going. I started to doubt how we were going to even survive a few more days and I honestly took my eyes off of the power of God to keep His promise. I thought about how many used to walk with us and send us help through the Father’s love, but so many abandoned us when the warfare hit. 


Last night I heard the Lord telling me that He would fulfill His promise through His strength and I started to understand that it wasn’t supposed to look possible. But the agony of our needs was too much. Every time I would think about our needs, I would collapse into tears and a shattered heart. 


While I was bathing in my own misery and crying out to God to come to help us, He showed me a vision of a pack of orange juices. I had an understanding that there was something that He has hidden away for us for this time. I also started to sense that the secret provision was tucked away in hope. 


The Lord is also helping me write a love letter that flows through this experience that later I will share. Even though the road looks impossible to cross now and I cannot see with my understanding how He can help us this time, He is whispering, ‘keep going. I’ve got you. I have a plan”. Where else do I go, but to follow the One who has always kept us from falling. I am going to take a deep breath, find my hope and see what happens. 





Love, Dannette Lynn



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