Promise Day




Promise day is a challenge that I gave to myself for the next 24 hours because I need an overnight miracle. I started it this morning and as the day was going on, I was inspired to invite you all to join me. It is basically doing the Baby 101 over again. Promise day is a consecrated day of fasting only on God’s promises and thinking positive thoughts of a very good outcome. 


The challenge is for the next 24 hours, only think and speak of God’s promises (both personal and in His scriptures) and hopeful outcomes. That means that every worry, fear, negative thought or dreadful report needs to be surrendered to the cross immediately. This challenge is a faith exercise of making a constant effort to press in and meditate on His promises. Decree those promises out over and over. 


This is the action of “spiritual breathing” for those ready to give birth to a promised baby. The fears and worries are exhaled out and the promises of God are the peace that you deeply inhale in. See His promises and imagine that you already have the outcome that you hope for. Not only will this bring you and me a miracle birth of promises, but it will also exercise our faith to make this a constant, daily habit. I will tell you that every time I have done this with complete focus, a manifestation always happened. 


So I hope that you will join me to embark on this supernatural birthing. Get out your promises and grab a few out of His word to decree over every negative that is currently in your life. I also invite you to share your favorite promises and report back on the good news that came through this optimistic promise fast. I am thanking God in advance for your testimonies of seeing His rescuing love manifest into your circumstances. 







Dannette Lynn




To bless: