My soul is dry and thirsts for You, True God, as a deer thirsts for water. Psalm 42




I knew it was not going to be easy, because the Lord kept showing me a volcano and telling me that the desire that I was seeking would come after my faith was tested in the heat of opposite circumstances. I became like a deer, with desperation to find the water of relief. 


The urgency of my needs were piling up and the fears were coming at me like an inferno. I was in a deep soul affliction and frantically in need. It felt like my chest was on fire. Between the pressing needs that I had and the fears that were tempting me to think of something bad, I was in desperation. With all of my soul I was frantic for Jesus to help me. 


A deer uses the action of panting to cool himself down from the thirst of his need. But thirst is what leads us to the water. God will often give us a desire to pray for and then it is up to us to believe it by faith. There are times when faith meets desperation, as the pressure is used to draw out what we are seeking. 


C.H. Spurgeon described such a desire as, “This one grief, like a huge mountain torrent, swept away all minor streams, absorbing themselves into its own rush and volume, like an avalanche, which binds the snow masses to itself as it descends, so his one desire concentrated all the vehemence and force of his nature”. (The Panting Hart, 1868). 


Like David in Psalm 42, I was desperate for the Lord as my vital source of survival. People always come and go but the promise of God is forever. This week has been so extreme with battling to believe through the needs and fears. I found myself tossing and turning all night, plagued by the worries and soul cries for relief.


Just as I was waking up yesterday morning, the Lord showed me that He had hidden provisions. Then He said that the provisions were hidden in my thoughts. To deepen the revelation, the Lord showed me to travel with my thoughts to the memory of the visions from His promises. The provision is within and accessed through faith in the spiritual realm. 


It has been proven that water holds memories. Likewise, the visions that God has revealed to us through His Spirit as promises, hold secret waters of provisions. It was only when I meditated on His promises, that the heat would subside for a while. To help me better understand the Lord showed me a vision of water running in a shower. 


I asked Him, “is the water running now?”. Then He told me that the water that I could see and hear is in the memory. As we meditate on those memories of His promises, the water is released to be an ever-present help for our desperate need.



Ever since last night, I have been focusing on using the pressure to catapult my thoughts to reflect on His promises and see them happening. I am working on a love letter that pulls this all together to help us connect to the rainbows of His promises. Hopefully I will have something good to share with you from out of this experience and some much needed relief~! 






Dannette Lynn



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