A Fresh Start

A love letter from Jesus. 




Everything is unfolding now. The flower petals are bowing down and the green swirling vines have begun to unwind. This crisis is turning around and I will prove to be good to you. I knew long before this moment where you would go and I made a plan. The past shame is disappearing as water melting away the sand. 


In the sorrowful mess, hear Me calling your name and gently tapping on the door. You have found gold and your name has been restored! This will be the best time that you’ve ever had. I am inviting you to a fresh start as if this problem never happened. Disconnecting from the past will bring more blessings than you can even fathom. 


Keep your thoughts on where you are going and your eyes on the promises of My plan. Don’t revel on the mistakes, but keep shining. I will help you move on. Lean into Me through the waves of weakness and I will fill you with an engulfing surge of My quieting love. Before you even knew who I was, I called you by name to be destined for greatness. 


Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I reveal it. Everything will come right on time. I have it all planned out with blessings in mind. I will give you comfort from the mental anguish and I will make a way through the scorching desert. You are about to see that I love you more than you know. 


Before you wandered through the season of wilderness, I prepared My everlasting love to wrap you up close. Rise with Me into the morning and you will see how the tender blossoms have opened. Here I will show you a love that you have never known and wash you in rivers of healing and calm. 


Press onward and do not look back. The finest fruit is waiting at the open door. My ways and My voice will be your Help to guide you through this exciting new journey. The compassionate kindness of My love has kissed your heart with forgiveness, despite every wrongful deed that you have ever done.


Look and wait for Me and I will raise you up with energizing strength. I alone told that this victory would happen and I have seen it coming before you knew it. I will save you and make it known. There is nothing that can hold you when I command a release. 


Bubble up with exuberant joy and see how I have restored the honor of your right standing.The brilliance of My radiating glory will permeate through you and everyone will see it. The slate has been wiped clean and you free from your history. Do not recall those things anymore. I have stored up many treasures for you, with new pleasures that you long to have. 



Written by Dannette Lynn



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