Baby 101





Baby 101 started out as a terrible affliction. I got to a place where I was frustrated with barely ever having any money, especially since God had given me so many personal financial promises for me and my family and I had been following His way and not my own logic. 


I just felt like I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to give up on everything. I was praying with all of my heart, with sweat rolling down my face, just begging God to give me an idea and show me how to prosper now. I was so sick of suffering and I was getting angry because He had already told me that these promises were something I could have now. 


I heard Graham Cooke once say that the promise will be fulfilled when we believe. This was so irritating to me because I couldn’t understand how to believe that I had anything when all I ever saw was a barren and empty life. 


Then the Lord gave me an idea of an experiment to try. I started to wonder what would happen if all I did for a day was to think thoughts about my promises and hopes? I was really curious to see how much power was really in a thought. Before I was always decreeing His promises, but it was like there was a connection missing and right after I would speak it, my heart would doubt. 


So the next day, all I did was think. In my thoughts, I would think about the things that God promised me and the things that I had hoped for. For instance, I would tell myself from my promise, “my bank is full of money, I can afford to support my family”. I would also say within myself that I would get a donation that same day and that I could pay a whole week for my room.  


After spending a whole day thinking only promises and hopes, I received a donation that covered my room for a whole week that same day, just like God showed me to think. Afterward, the Lord started to show me about having a “promised” baby 101. 


The process of conception involves scientifically becoming pregnant. The word conception is also a thought that is formed in the mind and the beliefs that a person has. When God places the promise in our spiritual womb, we can use our thoughts to stimulate growth. 


It is like the woman with the issue of blood. She probably had a spiritual promise for healing but she used her thoughts to reach that healing by faith. There is a secret power in our thoughts! for she had been saying to herself, “If I only touch His outer robe, I will be healed.” Mathew 9:21


When birthing a promised baby, there is a process. We know that God will put us in the opposite circumstance to draw the promise out. It is through the pressure of opposition that we are forced to breathe through the pain and push with our thinking. We have to keep telling ourselves that we have the promise and when fear rises up, we exhale out the doubtful thoughts. 


Thoughts proceed words and words become tangible fruit. God said that He knows the thoughts that He has for you. In the KJV, it is very optimistic that God’s thoughts (His promises) are a key for us to be thinking: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11. 



An amazing thing happened after a day of only thoughts and no words. By the end of the day, I could not stop my thoughts from coming out as words. Before I was aware, I was decreeing God’s promises and this time it was without a doubt! 



Really having faith is to think that God will do it. When we change what we think, it will change what is happening on the outside. If we always think of the word of God, then we will always see it manifest in our life. I have so much excitement right now because I am going to challenge my thinking to believe for a radical promise to happen before my eyes. According our faith and our thoughts…it will be done! : )





But Jesus turning and seeing her said, “Take courage, daughter; your [personal trust and confident] faith [in Me] has made you well.” And at once the woman was [completely] healed. Mathew 9:22










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