Always Enough

A love letter from Jesus. 



After pain, there is healing. Invite Me into the hurt that leaves you feeling empty. Come back into My arms as we remove bandages of self-comfort. I will soothe the wound as the wave of anguish disappears. You are never alone, no matter how deep the hurt, I am always enough to comfort every anguish and relieve your cries of heartache.


When sorrow rises up from the inside out, lean into Me with a deep longing, as your vital necessity. Forgive yourself and release the self-judgment. Let it all go as you breathe and relax back into calmness. You are prospering in both soul and body. 


As the sea waters smooth out again like glass, come back to hope. Hope empowers prosperity. You will soon know without any doubt, that I have blessed you. My treasure, you will never be put to shame. I will compensate for the time and effects that pain has taken. 


Don’t be afraid of a bad outcome, anything is yours for the asking. Open your heart to see that the familiar place of the wilderness has turned green. I have brought you back from the days of hard toil and a pain-stricken ground. Now you will see the return of your gladness.


I am sending you springs of love bubbling with joy and you will be satisfied in full–even more than you expect. You will see My compassion as blessings spill over to fill up with a surmounting accumulation. From the deep agony of what you have suffered, I am filling you with brimming love and the fullness of comfort again. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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