Favorite Places

A love letter from Jesus.



Journey with Me today to all of your favorite places. Let’s spend this time thinking together. I have everything all planned out–with plans to take care of you and a plethora of good thoughts to cause your hopes to happen. Close off every distraction and concentrate on reaching the unimaginable heights of faith expectantions. 


Breathe deeper and slow down. Stay calm, there is no need to worry or be afraid. Inhale thoughts of faith like the air that you breathe and flush out any worrisome thinking. Come away with Me in your thoughts to the words that I have promised. I will share with you My thoughts and bring twinkling stars out of the darkness. 


Everything will be good, so settle those fears in your mind. I am always here to protect you and safeguard your every step. Align your thoughts with My promises and you will discover the true pleasure unfold, just as I said it. Bind them constantly on your heart and in your thoughts. 


Keep your mind clear and free from fear. With confident trust, keep telling yourself that I will do it. Wrap positive expectations around your mind, will, and emotions. Stay here with Me and keep thinking with expectation until you see the shadows vanish and your heart desire fulfilled. 


Put into practice the promises that I have been giving to you and soon you will see and realize that your hopes are coming true. As you have believed it will be done for you! Meditate on your blessings and keep your heart on every promise. You will see what you think. Believe that you have received your hopeful outcome and you will.




Written by Dannette Lynn



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