Pulled to Respite

A love letter from Jesus. 




Be hushed from the worry. I want you to know that you can fully rely on the things I have spoken. For a little time you suffered from thirst, but now you will see that it is I who gives you the power of gained wealth. You have lived with the disgrace of unfilled words, but you will not be disgraced any longer. 


 I will do as you request and cause My promises to be exposed out in the open. It sounds impossible to happen so soon, but listen—it will be done because I have willed it in your favor. You will not experience the pain from before. I have blessed you with an increase out of My abundance. 


I am pulling you out of the battle and delivering you from the warfare. The extension of My kindness is setting you in a place of respite for you to regain strength and receive healing from your weary travels. 


The afflictions that have been troubling you are being set ablaze and neither root or branch will remain any longer. I have granted you rest everywhere to no longer be plagued by these tormenting problems. 


You have leveled up from where you have been and you will not go back to that devastation again. The warmth of My face will shine forth with healing rays as the icicles of affliction melt rapidly causing the sea levels of My love to rise up. You can enjoy all of My blessings as I demonstrate My kindness over and over again. 


No more will you be dry and fainting–but ever prosperous and blessed. I will even give you more than you expect! The warmth of My goodness will cause the provisional waters to expand and increase your experience of receiving. Yes, you will increase a thousand times and I will do for you just as I promised. 


You will see what I’ve done for you with your own eyes. I am pouring out a blessing until all that you need and desire is fully satisfied. My extravagant love is stretching to the sky with more than you have ever realized. I am fulfilling My vow to make everyday a love gift to you–now and forever! 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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