How is it Possible?




This weekend, I was frustrated and I was praying that God would send us provisions. During that time, the Lord was also giving me a letter about the acorn that was titled, “Even the Same Day I Will Bless You”. He was moving in my heart to start sowing with my faith and He said that there would be fruit manifested the same day. My only option at that point was to put all of my efforts into faith and start sowing seeds to get the provisions that we needed.




Without delay, I started to decree the promises that God has given me and I also decreed “God provides all of our needs out of His riches” over and over like a broken record. For several hours, I decreed these promises. I also stirred myself up with expectancy and started to imagine that donations would show up suddenly. I felt like I was the woman with the issue of blood, reaching for Jesus to show up to help us and I was too desperate to stop reaching for Him. 



After many hours of doing this, a donation came in that was enough to hold us up for a few days. I was in awe as I marveled at what happened. Out of nothing, I was able to press into Jesus and use His promise to see it manifested through the faithful exercise of sowing and expectation! 



Then today, I saw the mountain of our needs starting to rise up again and my faith was at its weakest. I felt too exhausted to fight with faith. Then the Lord led me back down the path that He had taken us to encourage my faith again through memory. It was about 2 years ago in the summertime and I was laying on the floor completely saturated in tears. I was listening to the song “Save Me” by Stephanie Gretzinger on repeat and begging the Lord to save us. 



The Lord had backed me into a place that seemed like the edge of a cliff. The only way that we were going to make it was to trust Jesus and take the leap of faith. God told me that He would provide for me and my kids but I had no reasonable evidence to stand on, aside from the unseen promise. I remember fighting so hard to believe that God would manifest His promise to take take care of us when we had no way to support ourselves and no home. 



As you know by now, the Lord was faithful and has been faithful to manifest His words to us out of nothing. For 2 years I have seen the goodness of the Lord show up in circumstances that were life-threatening. Yet at the same time, the cost has been excruciating because I have had to face so many fears and impossible looking situations. There have been several nights of crying myself to sleep and some very dark times of wanting God to take me out of this life completely. However, it has also been faith and trust-building with God to overcome so many strongholds. 



Then for the past couple of days, I had the realization of how miraculous it has been. I mean, there are so many wonderful ministries out there that do so many things to help people. I had to wonder, why would anyone choose to donate to us, in comparison with so many better options? It dawned on me that every donation is a complete miracle of His love.  I wept and wept when I considered it. His love is so intentional and I cry every time that I think that He would help us, the least of these. 



The point of this message is that His words are real and truly intentional to help us. We can use His promises by faith and see them manifest as our ever-present Help. He shows up as a tangible comfort from the discomforting hardships. When God gives us a promise, it is the seed of provision for us to use to overcome every obstacle. Seeds need to be planted and rooted. It takes effort and faith to believe and it takes work to rest. I encourage you to be relentless to sow your seeds because they will show up as miracles of love! 



I also want to thank you for your caring compassion and obedient hearts to help us tell a beautiful story of the intentional love of Jesus. There is so much I would love to do for you in return, but for now I will ask the Father to help me bless you. We appreciate you so much and we trust that God will reward the seeds that you have sowed as well! 






Dannette Lynn




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