Island of Misfits



Over the ocean and across the wide sea. Lived an island of children that no one could reach. See these children were orphans-rejected and scorned. Unloved and unwanted-like they never were born. But a few tried to reach them-yet never could stay. Cause the orphans lashed out-they would scare them away!



When those few arrived home, they had shared what they’d seen. But they added opinions-their own summary! “Don’t listen to Father! They must stay away! They’re hopelessly misfits-they’ll lead you astray!” This broke Father’s heart when those orphans were judged. Cause He saw through their rage-He saw fear, they’re unloved! He looked to and fro, and He searched far and wide.



But there’s none that He found He could trust-He resigned. “I know what I’ll do, I will send down My Son. He will build them a bridge-bring them home! They will run!” So He pulled out His blueprints-His Son had agreed. “Don’t worry, My Father! For orphans-I’ll bleed!” So his one-only Son was sent down, He was born. He would teach Father’s love-yet was hated and scorned! Like orphans themselves, people lashed out in rage.



But He’d just turn his cheek-He refused to engage. Now the people were plotting and planning to kill. So they beat and they mocked Him-and they did it for a thrill. While He hung on His cross, He would teach one last thing. He would use His last breath-to teach grace-it would sting! “Father forgive! They don’t know what they do! Like the island-they’re orphaned-I bleed for them too!”



Now the blueprints flew open-they’re directions-they saw. “His cross is My bridge! Bring them home-bring them all!” That island’s now empty, those orphans came home. They all were adopted by Father-now grown, but they passed down this song to remember His Son. When He hears it, He smiles-cause it’s finished-it’s done! “My children were over the ocean! My children were once lost at sea! My Son built a bridge ore’ that ocean! It brought home My children to Me!”




Written by Katie Gazboda