A Lazy River Ride

A Rhyme from Jesus. 



Walk down to My river, we’ll lose track of time. Take My hand while you nap, as we float down My rhyme. In a dream, I’ll decode all My riddles-My thoughts. Cause your mem’ries of pain are like yarn-they’ve made knots! So relax in My waters and try to pretend, that this river’s My Spirit-to sew and to mend.


We’ll start in the shallows, I’ll now bring to mind. Some mem’ries you’re fond of-I’m pressing rewind.


Remember that time when you watched as a child? That fairytale ending-all foes reconciled? It’s that feeling you get when you’ve read a good book! When that crocodile swam-and chased off Captain Hook! It’s when loss turns to hope-when an underdog wins! Or when Dory was found, by her friend with one fin!


You see, happy endings have all come from Me! They’re the yarn of MY heart-they aren’t knotted-they’re free! Are you catching My tempo? This pattern-this dance? Cause My river can’t stop now-it’s flowing! Just glance! I’ll now give you wisdom-it helps you discern. I don’t author confusion-I want you to learn!


Now your heart is deep waters-it’s misunderstood. By the people you trusted-their boats were of wood. But your depths do not scare Me, I made the vast seas! You’ll now know My rhythm-My river-My peace. Your mem’ries-like streams, will obey their own course. They’ve no bits in their mouths-they won’t steer like a horse.


So we’ll dig all new channels, yes-we’ll dig up their hurt, because mem’ries-like streams, both need help dredging dirt! We’re approaching the deep end-those mem’ries of pain. Here’s a mem’rie of Mine first-to help Me explain.


Remember what happened to Adam and Eve? Who’s world I made perfect? Their conscientious’s clean? They ate of that fruit from My tree that knew all. Bringing shame and regret-they had welcomed the fall. But it doesn’t end there see? Keep reading-don’t quit! It was only a plot twist, that end would not fit!


See, authors and writers are known for their theme. And mine isn’t fiction or death-tragedy. MY theme carves new courses for mem’ries of pain. So that rivers-your thoughts will renew! They can change! My theme can be seen in My stories-My Book. Even playwrights and films! Anywhere-if you’ll look!


So walk down to My river, we’ll lose track of time. You can float once or twice, even eight times-or nine! In this dream, I decoded My riddles-My thoughts. Now your mem’ries of pain are no longer in knots! See My theme is redemption-and grace! It is love! It will flow through your story-My Spirit-My dove.




Written by Katie Gazboda