I’m a Good Father

A love letter from the Father. 




Lend me your ear, I have wisdom to share. Once you catch and apply it-you’ll see that I’m fair! I’ve watched you and searched you-I’ve pruned you to grow. Now I see you feel stuck like your progress is slow.


So don’t worry or flee, I’m not angry or mad. I am helping you, see? It’s My job-I’m your Dad! Come sit down for a meeting, it’s time for a truce. Let us reason together-I’ll ask you to choose. See you’ve circled this mountain again and again, and each time you feel lost, cause it starts where it ends!


Remember your tears that I use and collect? Well, My bottle is full! Yes-it’s up to the neck! You have thought about quitting, I’ve come just in time! I’ll now strengthen your knees-take you off this cruel ride!


See here’s what I love and adore about you! That you keep getting up, every day is brand new! Like Peter-you’re strong, you want only My will. Craving more than a taste-you’re not here for a thrill! You gave me your boat, and you’ve walked on the water! But a rooster just crowed-now you need Me-your Father.


I’m right here beside you, I’ve come to remind-that My burden is light, I am gentle and kind! There are things I will hide and when time is just right-in an instant! Your answers appear in plain sight! If man-who is flawed, gives good things to his kids-how much more will I lavish? No strings and no bids!


Now listen, I’ll speak in a riddle-a rhyme. Like I do in your dreams like I do all the time! I will now ask you questions, they’ll help you to see. Like a parable, yes! Of my goodness-Of Me! Your ears are now open, you’ll hear Me-I’ll start! I am painting a picture, that shows you My heart!


Now, what makes a scavenger hunt so much fun? It’s discovering clues! There’s a race to be won! Don’t pirates draw maps to their loot underground? In order for beautiful gems to be found? And what about presents wrapped under a tree? Aren’t they wrapped to be opened? Of course! It brings glee!


See that is My nature, believe that I’m good! For you need this foundation-it’s stronger than wood! Like Joseph who sat in a pit and a cell-yet he still kept his hope, though his countenance fell. Or Esther, who took an impossible risk! Cause she knew she was born for a time such as this!


No more wandering this mountain! Don’t camp at this fork! Cause your promise is waiting-I hid it! Turn north! So let go of control and do not calculate, cause your faith is My tool-I can now operate! My plans are too big, you can not comprehend! So please take that first step! Look at Me-I’m your end!




Written by Katie Gazboda