Hope in Me




I have a love letter that I have been preparing to write, but last night the Lord showed me to post this. He gave me the title and talked to me about it as I was sleeping. To be honest, I almost resisted because it does not reveal a very beautiful part of myself. Yet because I love Him, I am going to trust what He says. 


It was like a computer virus for the mind and I was getting all of these thoughts. For days, I kept noticing friends falling away and people unsubscribing from the Diamonds page. At the same time, the Lord kept showing me ‘Woody’ from the Toy Story and I would hear, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. He also kept singing the Stand by Me song lyrics, “I’ll stand by you, I won’t let anyone hurt you”. 


Honestly, my whole life I have been alone and being without anyone is somewhat easy for me. From the beginning of my childhood, I had gotten used to being unliked and I learned how to be a comfort to myself. I was the weirdest kid who would sing to birds and talk to trees, imagining that I was Snow White lol. 


The problem that I was having through this attack of thoughts was the fear that I would be forgotten and that we would no longer get donations to help us stay above the fearful circumstances. But then last night as the Lord was talking to me, He said, “Do you know that you are pregnant?”. 


Then it all sort of hit me that He promised to provide for us. It was a promise and it was unbreakable because His love never ends. Even if every friend left my side, Jesus promised to take care of us and provide for us through this tiny ministry. He told me last night to put my hope in Him and He will faithfully provide. 


As you may have noticed, I have recently been posting another person’s gift of love letters. When I started to obey God and do this, I was even more worried about God keeping His promise. I had ridiculous thoughts, like “what if they forget me?”. Yet it is just another way for me to see how true the Lord is to His promise. 


I tried 3 times to close the Diamonds facebook page, but the Lord did not let me do it. Then I remembered that several years ago, He had me create a book on writing love letters called, “Ready to Release the Rain”. At the end of the book, there are personal activations. In one of the activations, there is an invitation to submit a love letter for publishing. I believe that someday this ministry will be a hub of love letters from many. 


As I pondered the promise of the Lord to me and my kids, I realized that I should not limit the way that I see God moving. He is able to send us provision in more ways than I can fathom. Who knows, maybe even the ravens will bring us something! 🙂 


I love to pour out my heart in words and I am so happy that the Lord gave me you. If you are ever interested in reading the love letter book, it is on the website store page (www.dannilynn.com or www.dannilynn.com and on Amazon. Finally, I hope and pray that today you are blessed with a great big surprise. 



Much love,


Danni Lynn


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 Even if the mountains heave up from their anchors,
        and the hills quiver and shake, I will not desert you.
    You can rely on My enduring love;
        My covenant of peace will stand forever.

So says the Eternal One, whose love won’t give up on you.

Isaiah 54:10