A love letter from the Father. 



I’m bursting with joy and I hardly can wait! See I wrote in My book that today is the date! Her trial is over, I’ve sent out my Word! To quicken and help her-My sweet, precious bird!




Roll out her red carpet! Please hurry-make haste! Put food on the table, each kind-every taste! Fetch your pens and your papers, quick-write a new song! Get her robe and her ring that I’ve kept all along! I’ll take off these rags, and those labels and lies. They’re heavy and dirty, I’ll help you-don’t cry.



I’ve heard what they’ve called you- “unmarried”, “unloved”. But I’ve cleaned you so well, let them use their white glove! Discarded like trash, you were thrown to the floor. Pushed under a rug and remembered no more. But I searched and I swept-I remodeled your heart. No slumber nor sleep-it was taken a part.



I left 99 just to come and rejoin. Like the woman in Luke-I have found My lost coin! Though painful and lonely, this fire-I used! To forge a new weapon, no longer abused! So walk out of the furnace! Come out of your grave! Wake up from your slumber, I’ve made quite a trade! Arise and shine for your time has now come!



The verdict was rendered and read by My Son. Look all around you! There’s no foe in sight! Since you chose to go low, I was able to fight! You’ll now wear a crown, for it’s My job to judge. And I see not one spot-cause you’ve held not one grudge! The curtain’s now open-it’s time for the new!



Step out from backstage-please, make your debut! This is my daughter, she carries My words! Her voice, I will send to bring food for My birds! She’s gentle and kind-yet courageous and brave! Called and anointed! No fear of the grave! Now listen to your captives and prisoners of hope! Once you’ve burned in refinement-you won’t smell like smoke!



So come out of your grief-we have a family to free! They’re waiting to hear from you! They’re waiting for Me!




Love, your Father



written by Katie Gazboda