Secret Treasure of Trust



A little while before Christmas, the Lord put it on someone’s heart to bless us with a few hundred dollars for Christmas gifts. I was so thankful and touched. However, before I was allowed to even touch that financial gift, a special friend that I had in Mexico was in a horrible accident. His family reached out to me to see if I could help with money because this special person needed to have medical care. 



The Holy Spirit was nudging my heart to trust Him and release what I had been given to help this family. Before I even allowed myself to fear, I released everything to help this family and another person that God laid upon my heart. I had learned from past experience that it is better to immediately obey the Lords leading before there is time to doubt and worry. 



The next thing that happened was unexpected. My precious friend from Mexico ended up slipping into a coma for a couple of days before suffering from heart failure. My friend went to be with Jesus in Heaven and the money that I had sent was a gift from God to cover the medical expenses and burial. 



I was thankful that God allowed me the honor of sowing into this person’s life at such an important time, but as Christmas came closer, I began to panic. I went into a sort of shock that I had given away my children’s Christmas money. I also felt so much sorrow because I felt like a failure to the person who sacrificed to give our family specials gifts and memories. 



For days, all I did was cry and pray. Over and over, I would wail to God, “please, Father, give me back my kids Christmas money, please Jesus save us”. I was being buried alive with guilt because I forgot that I was supposed to have faith. I forgot to trust God and all I could see was a nightmare before me. 



After several days of prayer and tears, donations started to come through. Not only did the Father answer my prayers to give me back what I had given, but He doubled it. Because of your obedience and the Lord’s rescue, I was able to give my kids gifts and wonderful Holiday memories today. I was also able to pay for our room for 4 days so that I could have rest from suffering over financial pressures for a little bit. 




As I sat to write this message, the Holy Spirit started to talk to me about giraffes. Like a giraffe, we never need to worry about getting the blessings that we seek. Giraffes have such tall necks that they are able to reach the highest trees of provision and enjoy the abundance of what most of the other animals cannot. 



Those tall trees are rich with moisture, with deep roots that are anchored into wells of water where other trees cannot go. We have favor with our Father to the good gifts of His provisions when we are willing to have faith. There is a worry-free privilege of trusting the Lord to provide. Even in times of drought and famine, He will make sure that we enjoy the rich decadence of His blessings and love. 



Thank you for loving our family like Jesus. It is overwhelming for me to even imagine how good He has been to our family, even in this time of difficulty. I hope that this experience will help us to continue to discover the treasures of trusting God. 




Merry Christmas dear hearts, from our family to yours! 




Dannette Lynn




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