See the Roses





A love letter from the Father




Inhale the ease of My care and exhale all of the tension of your concerns. Don’t worry, I have you covered. See this time through rose-colored glasses. Like an opulent rose, of luxury and beauty, I am giving you things that you have been longing for. A promise will become tangible as rose petals open up in a sun-kissed vineyard. 



I am familiar with every detail of your life. I am aware of what you are thinking and dreaming. I have explored the yearning of your heart and I am motivated to do just as you have petitioned. Not only will I fulfill My promise, but I am sending extra gifts too. No longer will you be craving what has been missing. 



Intensify your focus on the promise of My words and resist retracing the former pain. Be full of joy and don’t worry about anything. Turn your concerns into prayer and settle yourself with thanksgiving that your request has been granted. I alone will cause you to possess the desire of your faith with superabundant satisfaction and utmost delight.



The resistance is over, so guard your thoughts with all diligence and concentrate on thinking that what you hope for will happen. No longer dwell on the anguish, the new blessings are here today. It’s time to start over from the ruins and make things new. Give Me your trust to do as you have asked and I will follow through for you. 



Everything will be better than good. In the same way that you suffered before, now you will be known as My ‘blessed one’ and you will be renamed ‘My beloved’. I will revive the heart that is overcome by sorrow and restore comforts to the soul in mourning. I have seen the trail of your pain and I will heal every heartache. 



Opposites attract. Because you suffered double before, now your blessings will also be doubled back to you. I will care for all of your needs and give you bouquets of roses instead of ashes. Drink from the river of My overflowing kindness. My love is growing deeper over all that you have and your provisions will never run out again.  





Written by Dannette Lynn




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