A Surprise Will Emerge

A love letter from Jesus.  


I will deliver what I promised. I have seen the evil that was against you and the attempt to take possession of what was yours. Behold I have presented your case and exacted a full vengeance for you. 


Stand your ground of faith and you will see how I rescue you today. The struggles that you have suffered, you will not see anymore. I have given you full access to speak to life the non-existent things that I have foretold and promised to bring them into your desired manifestation. 


So be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Never say anything that you do not want. Have nothing to do with negative words and fretful outcomes. Keep your chin up with confidence and keep pressing ahead into your promise. 


If you don’t doubt, but trust that what you say will take place, then it will happen. Soak your thoughts in My words, for nothing will be impossible. In the stirring of deep waters, the lost things will come back to the surface, with even more than you hope.


Stir up what you seek from the inside out. Fill your soul with the power of My Spirit through faith in your heart. My glory will be revealed from within you, as My power propels through the words that you speak. 


Don’t worry, I will be there with you. I have put a blessing on you and I am bringing back all that I have promised you. I will guide you to the springs of water to give life to all that you need. From the place of desperate sorrows, I am wiping the tears from your eyes. You can be assured that I will honor My solomn vow as you joyfully draw springs of water from the wells of My love. 


 Indeed I have put a blessing on you for you to prosper and become enormously wealthy. From your hands blessings will flow to help those who are needy. I will do so much more than you can even hope or imagine. Meet me in the attitude of expectation and I will cause you to dwell in a wide and comfortable place of living. 


You will experience depths of My love that far exceed anything you have previously experienced. My fullness will flood your life with total comfort and satisfaction. Dare to believe that you will receive a hundred times more than you had before. A surprise will emerge before you even expect it.




Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless: