Flight or Delight



I found this breaking point recently when I was praying and it had to do with an opposite reaction. I was praying in the same way that the Lord had taught me to do, in order to manifest His promises for our miracle provision. In my prayer time, I was imagining by faith the answer to the prayer. Also, I was thanking Him in advance for what I had been asking for, in order to step into the Mark 11:24 promise. 


There was this lingering time when nothing seemed to be happening and it didn’t ‘feel’ like anything was going to happen. I started to get thoughts such as ‘this isn’t working’, ‘nothing is happening’, ‘I don’t think God can hear me’, and ‘why isn’t God helping me?’. 


However, once again, I was too desperate to doubt, so I kept going. I discovered that it was immediately after having those fearful and doubting thoughts that the breakthrough came. For several days, the Holy Spirit started to tie pieces together for me. 


I was in the hospital a couple of days ago for a test and the nurse had to put a numbing spray in my throat. She told me how awful and painful it would be. The nurse told me that it was going to string and hurt really bad and that I needed to hold my breath to help me not to taste as much of the horrible medicine. 


I was really getting scared, but there was nothing I could do at that point to back out of it. Then the nurse put this spray in my throat and to my surprise, it didn’t hurt at all and the flavor really wasn’t so bad as she made it sound. 


Afterward, the nurse began to giggle and she said that she purposely made it sound really bad so that when it happened, I would realize that it wasn’t bad at all. When I went home to rest following the test, the Lord was talking to me about the wild horses of fear. He showed me that almost always things will be the opposite of what we fear if we do not come into agreement with the fears. 


Just like when I was praying, when the intimidating fears told to me to stop praying because my prayers were not working, it was actually the opposite that was happening! Those thoughts that were negative, were a spiritual indication that I had reached the tipping point of my prayers being answered. 


Fearful thoughts are like wild horses. Wild horses have intense fear and it is their nature to take off in flight when frightened. Those fears need to be calmed and harnessed into faith, otherwise, they can drive us into terrible places in our mind and bring distraction that can hinder the effectiveness of our faith to manifest as we desire. 


When those thoughts of fear, foreboding or negative outcomes show up, we need to train those fears, as if we were taming wild horses. The first step is to calm our soul, by pouring over those fears to God. Once we feel safe in Abba’s loving protection, then we will not run off in our minds with those fears that try to distract. 


The next move that needs to happen, is we need to control those fears, but immediately casting down those negative thoughts. As we cast down the negative thoughts, we can propel our faith into action by pressing into faith-filled decrees and thoughts. 


The most important part of breaking through to see our prayers happen is to not agree with a negative thought. If you believe that you have already received the request, then the desire is yours! That is a fantastic promise. If we can grasp that reality in our thoughts, then truly nothing will ever be impossible. 


I hope this blesses you as it has blessed me. I am working on a love letter that will compliment this message into a powerful activation so that you can see the answer to your prayers come immediately. Expect that God is giving you the opposite of what you fear. 




Dannette Lynn



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We can demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God and break through every arrogant attitude that is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God. We capture, like prisoners of war, every thought and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed One.

2 Corinthians 10:5