Manifesting a Promise



By faith, I followed Jesus to move in ways that backed me into a corner. He brought me to a place where the only thing that I could depend on was His promise to show up as a miracle rescue. My very heart was hanging on the line and all I could do was cry. It was very much like the widow situation when she did as Elijah instructed and trusted God in the midst a life or death need for her and her son. 



I was facing the pressures of an unbearable defeat, or so it seemed and I stood in a position of disappointing those that I deeply loved. It was a trust fall of faith that desperately depended on a rescue from Jesus. The pressure and heat of the circumstances were overwhelming, and the more intense the situation became, the more anxiety and fear would come to the surface. 



I have spent the past two days in fervent prayer over a desperate situation. I have spent the past two evenings, weeping uncontrollably as deep-rooted fears resurfaced like the dirt that rises up as gold is refined. And yet, for the past many nights, the Holy Spirit has been taking me places while I was resting and teaching me how to overcome this negative situation. 



He took me to a land that was comfortable and warm, with an abundance of lavender flowers blanketing the mountains and hilltops. We were surfing in waters of refreshing and finding the joy of swimming down energizing water slides. Then He started to show me how to manifest His word as an Ever-Present rescue. 



He showed me that when the pressure and heat of a circumstance are directly opposing what He promised, that the fears and doubts will quickly rise up. When those fears and doubts surface out of the pressure, we need to cut them off, like a lavender plant that blooms more when pruned. 



He showed me that it is not a complacent job, but we must be very busy to constantly apply His promise to believe and confess. It takes effort to believe and resist looking at the negative possible outcomes that tend to terrify us. 



The promise will manifest to bring a rescue of comfort and relief. A lavender flower represents His manifested promises. They bring healing and relief to burns and the root word of lavender is lavare which means ‘to wash’. The lavender flower was also the Spikenard spoken about in the Bible, that Mary used to anoint the feet of Jesus before He entered into suffering. 



The Father loves us so much that He gives us a promise of good before we enter into a place of an opposite condition. Lavender is a natural mood enhancer that promotes joy. It blooms out in the broad places, under the direct light of the sun. 



Before I even started this crazy journey of trusting God for miraculous survival, He showed me that there would be tornadoes that ripped through my life, that represented the curses that were plotted against me. But those negative plans would be the very things used to manifest my promises. I saw myself standing, watching the tornadoes go through, and as the tornadoes passed, they left behind bountiful rows of the most beautiful lavender fields to decorate my life with God’s intentional love. 



He has a plan for every negative and we can use His promises now to manifest a hopeful outcome. Believe it, He has everything that you need and when you walk through the fire, the flames will not consume you. Tonight, instead of sobbing in the bathtub, I am going to concentrate with all of my heart and mind on His promises of rescuing love. When I tell you later about what happened, you will be shocked and in awe. I am anticipating soon to be able to share an incredible testimony of His rescuing love. 





Happy Holidays and thank you for sharing this moment with me!



With love,


Dannette Lynn



To bless:






But He caught me—reached all the way from the sky to sea; He pulled me out of that ocean of hate, that enemy chaos, the void in which I was drowning. They hit me when I was down, but God stuck by me. He stood me up on a wide-open field; I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!

Psalm 18:16-19 MSG