Overnight Birth

A love letter from the Father. 




To the one who hasn’t yet received the answer to your prayer, get up now and prepare yourself for birth. From the wounded and heartbroken place of waiting, pour out your pain before Me and leave it there. 


I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn no more. I will bless the answer to your prayer with an overnight birth to cause you to forget the suffering of sorrows. I will raise you out of this lowly state for an enormous blessing! 


I am the One who inspired your heart to pray for this cherished promised. Slowly growing through the afflictions of your circumstances, this seed of My intentional love is breaking out before you with a joy that erases all pain. Remember your hope. Stay watching and expecting. 


Although you have been grief-stricken, I am announcing an overnight birth. Position yourself to see the answer to your prayers. I prove good to those who passionately expect. Mourning is no longer appropriate, it’s time to have faith in My plans. Be happy and let the celebration begin. I will bless you with a big surprise. Hold onto your confidence, it is going to happen! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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