Double Delight



A love letter from the Father


You who were once abused through afflictions, prepare to take your place of beauty and honor. There is a double reward for your heartache. The difficulties that you see today, you will see not see again. 


There’s no need to be anxious—I  go before and behind you. Hold strong to your hope, because I am faithful to My promise. Your life will no longer look like the pain that you have been through. Things are going to get easier, so keep looking ahead. The miracles will be far more than the losses. Lean into hope and resist the fear of repeating the pain. 


Everything may feel dried up like reeds that fail to flourish without water. Yet I will show up in the midst of your sorrow to bring you back to life again. Even though you cannot see it, underground streams are flowing up for you with double, like sands of the scorching Saharrah washing away beneath torrents of rushing water. 


I have taken you from the ends of the earth to where you are now. Don’t cry over this sadness, all of your needs will be provided. So raise your head again with confident expectations. Even now, I will not fail you. I will bring you back to who you are–a child of blessing–as I steer you away from the worn, hard paths that you have followed. 


Dig deep for a big surprise as you expect to see your hopes materialize. I will give you back the treasury of stolen wealth and the supply is endless. I will answer your prayers for rain with double what you are asking for. Shimmering pools of loving provisions will suddenly burst forth to steady and calm your restless soul. Be ready to come away from this pain for an intimate retreat of healing from the trauma and streams of refreshment to soothe your heart with double delights of comfort.   



Written by Dannette Lynn