Celebrate as if it Has Happened



There is this memory that has been resurfacing and the Lord has been showing me that I need to revisit this way of believing. It was long before I knew much about God and prayer. The kids were very little in preschool and kindergarten and I was still with my former husband. We were living in Florida at the time and my husband had been let go from his employment. 


He was very diligent to look for jobs and things started to get really scary. Our landlord was hounding us because we were behind on rent. We had shut off notices on our electricity and our phone lines. Our car was very close to being repossessed. The church refused to help us and every door was slammed in our face. 


There was a glimmer of hope with one job that my husband had applied for that was out of state. They seemed very interested in him and he was scheduled for another interview. We got to a place where we were too desperate to doubt. So all of us (even the kids) would pray out loud night and day, “Dear God, thank you for Daddy’s new job”. 


After about 2 weeks of praying a prayer of thanksgiving, my husband received a call from that potential employer. It was a dream come true. My husband was offered a job with the highest paid salary that he had ever had. The company also gave us a $10,000 instant cash bonus to cover relocation costs. They covered the moving truck and the expenses for the new rental house. 


In less than an hour, we went from being hungry and homeless to having $10,000 in the bank and a promised income that would give us a very comfortable lifestyle. The Lord started to unravel to me a mystery of praying out of thanksgiving. When we thank Him in advance for our prayer requests, we are entering into the ownership of receiving in Mark 11:24. If you believe that you have received it, then the desire is yours. 


Think about what happens when God manifests an answered prayer that we were longing to have. The reaction that we have is to celebrate and thank Him! Before Jesus received miracles for the bread and fishes, He gave thanks to the Father first. Jesus knew that there was something miraculous that happens when we receive with thanksgiving before the manifestation of what we have prayed about. That is true faith in action! I hope that this excites you as it excites me to begin celebrating the answer to your prayer as if it has happened and thanking the Father that it is done. 






Much love,


Dannette Lynn


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So I tell you, when you pray for something, believe that you have already received it. Then it will be yours. Mark 11:24