Never Know This Sorrow

A love letter from Jesus. 



Do not weep, little child—wipe the tears from your eyes. Take heart—for now, I am doing a new thing! I will see to it that you forget the sorrow you have traveled. Indeed the past was full of hardship, but I am leading you through ways that drip with My generous kindness. Beyond anything that you have ever had, I will cause you to forget your trouble. Now there is double comfort where there was comfort lacking. 



I am with you to lead you beside steady streams of loving provisions and to take you up on a path that is protected from danger. There is nothing to fear now, as I amply supply you personally with bountiful riches. I direct the moon and glittering stars to illuminate the velvet night and I will dispatch orders to the clouds to pull down a flood of provision around you. Anchor yourself in hopeful optimism, you have possession of all that you can ask. 



 I have loved you with an everlasting love–and with faithfulness, I have drawn you close for a special blessing. You are blessed with the power of great wealth and the blessing is accumulating for you! Receive without worry and welcome the delight of the new. I have gathered up a great abundance just for you, like the sand of the sea, it is immeasurable!



I am tipping over the watersheds of heaven to refresh you from the devastations. Your weariness will be satisfied and you will be freed from the grips of the anguish. Instead of the pain of enduring, you will shine with the sheer goodness of your Father. Instead of collecting pain like broken glass, you will be building sandcastles of your happiest memories. I will cause you to forget this affliction and you will never know this sorrow.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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