I recently read about how a sheep will sometimes look at the greener pastures on another side and wander away. The problem is the sheep can become stranded and then he will depend on the Shepherd to rescue him in order to survive. 


Like the sheep that decided to go his own way, I wandered into a place that I wasn’t supposed to be. I got myself in a mess of troubles and the more I tried to get myself out of the cords around my neck, the tighter those suffocating cords would be. In my wandering, I lost sight of who I was and I took my eyes off of the Shepherd. 


In the suffering from my disobedience, I continued to cry out to Jesus to help me. It got to the point of desperation that all I could muster to pray was, “Jesus find me!” with agonizing tears. It was like my world was spinning into chaos and I couldn’t focus anymore or even remember where I was going. I was lost. 


In the midst of my problems, Jesus showed up and He reminded me who I was and He helped me to find me again. The dormant embers on my heart began to spark and my heart was reawakened to His Love. 


Last night I encountered Jesus in the night and He asked me to write a vow on my heart and to give my life to Him once again. He asked me to surrender back into His plan and trust Him to be the Captain of my life. 


If I can be honest, I am trembling to trust Him to take control of my circumstances. I have to remind myself that His plans are for good and not for evil…to give me a hope and a future. So as Joyce Meyer says, I will do it afraid. 


Today I stand open-armed in surrender to be carried once again by the Shepherd in the direction of His plans. Jesus, I give you my heart again and I thank you for finding me. You are my everything and without you I am nothing. Thank you, Jesus, for finding me and bringing me back to where I belong. 









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