A Love Rescue



Right before waking up several days ago, I heard the words “an over-protective love rescue”. Then over the course of those days, I noticed a consistent pattern unfold. Whenever I needed money to pay for my room, the Lord would send what we needed before we needed it and it was always enough to cover our food and shelter for the day. There was even one morning when I awoke and realized that I was only $3 short to cover our room, but then I looked at a different account and found the $3 that I needed there, like a treasure waiting to be found. 


Each day, I would loosen up a little bit more and let my shoulders drop down into relaxation from worry. I started to get used to God showing up faithfully and the worry was lessened. However tonight I was cleaning the room and I found a folded up little piece of paper next to my daughter’s bed. When I opened up the neatly folded paper, I saw the words “my Christmas list”. When I read those words, my heart hit the floor and tears were pouring out of my eyes. 


After praying through a flood of fears and worry, I stumbled upon an old sermon from Charles Spurgeon titled, ‘The Sin of Unbelief’. As I listened to this message, I was deeply convicted of my distrust in God. I remembered the words that the Lord gave me as a promise to supply our needs. Then I retraced the path of last December and how miraculously the Father provided a way for us to embrace the excitement of nostalgic gift giving. I have to ask myself, ‘why is it so hard just to believe?’


I thought about the direct instructions that God gave me to follow in His plan and how He determined to support us miraculously through this blog. As I pondered all of these comforting things, the winds of unbelief were still blowing. The wind was howling about every negative circumstance and bulling opposition. So many other things were blowing in and I came to the conclusion that I just needed to repent and surrender. 


I needed to repent for my unbelief. Biblically it was proven that unbelief kept many from reaching their destinations. One night many years ago, I had an encounter with the voice of the Father and I heard Him audibly say only one word to me, “BELIEVE”. That was all that He asked me to do, was to believe. And that is all He is asking you to do, is only to Believe. 


As I repent for this nasty unbelief, I also need to come back to my first love and surrender my heart again to Jesus, the Word. I need to surrender into His magnificent promises and stop climbing over the fence of worry. I pray tonight that Jesus would help us to rest in His promises once again. I also pray that He would show up to comfort every fear with the manifestations of His promises for each one of us. He is protection and He is provision, every single day of the year. May His love flood to rescue every ache and need. In Jesus’s name, Amen. 




Love and blessings,


Dannette Lynn



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