A Special Surprise

A love letter from the Father. 



Comfort, extra comfort for you My child. Your personal trust and confidence in Me has restored you to a cheerful place and permanently eased the restraint of suffering. That old misery has been taken away and you will get what you are hoping and expecting. The mountain that has opposed you for so long is being made a walk-way to your happiest days. 



I’ll show up and take care of you, just as I promised. Don’t even talk about the problems, but talk about the promises that I have made. You will get the opposite of what you fear! Keep saying My promises until you think of them in every circumstance. 



Every promise is My rescue of good news. Now you will receive from My hand, double blessings for the agonizing pain and complete rest from your enemies. I have blessed you with prosperity and peace that will never run out again. I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you, bringing you into a hopeful outcome. 



So say to your soul, “don’t be discouraged, because I know my God will breakthrough for me.” You will get two times more than you hoped and joy that radiates constantly from the freedom from affliction. Expect, hope and look for Me. I have a special surprise for you that will bring double comfort instead of the former pain. 





Written by Dannette Lynn




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