Seeking Relief

A love letter from Jesus. 




In a time of desperation and distress caused by suffering thirst, your soul was panting and disturbed with a vehement and urgent need for Me to fill. You no longer had the strength to provide it for yourself, so you looked to Me with despair, longing for the revitalizing brooks of relief. 



With a burden more than you could bear, the intense pressure pushed you to seek refuge near the Source of life-giving water. Coming before Me, you laid yourself bare, facedown with humility to reach for My help. 



Through the billowing tears rolling down your cheeks, the sound of spiritual waterfalls drummed from the inside. Slowly dying within from the downcast of soul, you cried out, “where can I find relief from the desperation of my needs?”. 




I have stooped down to lift you up from the sorrow to say, 



“Be a receiver. I am the Water running out of the rock of impossibilities. My word is your empowerment to manifest your request. Here at the end of your strength is where you draw from Mine. It was never intended that you should save yourself. 



Where you have suffered disgrace and weakness is now being raised with My splendor and power. It is when you are at your weakest, that I make you strong. I am here to save you from dread as a manifested comfort of all that you are seeking. Look to Me with confidence, I will take away these troubles. 



Stay in expectancy, what you are aching for is coming. I will provide clear water rushing down the ravines and fountains of provisions bubbling up as a steady stream.



Water is running out to quench your thirst and satisfy your needs. In a minute everything will change to restore the joy to your life. A surge of power with all that you are needing is on the way and the fullness will remain”. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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