A love letter from Jesus. 



What would you like to ask Me for? I will honor your request and give you an over-protective love rescue from the anguish. Because you have known grief and sorrow, I am bringing you back to life again and restoring your riches. Although you have been wounded, I will bandage you with the return of comforts. 




You have journeyed through dangers, devastations, and tears. Today I have blessed you with a rich land to satisfy your deepest desires. You will expand in every direction to the fill and I will give you everything in abundance–even more than you expect! I will bless you in a thousand ways and provide for you beyond the need of any surrounding support.




I am going to far exceed your expectations! In the place where the tears have dried from difficulties, will now flourish as an ever-flowing garden of My determined blessing. I will also give you the things for which you have not asked—wealth and an honorable reputation. The spring rain has again returned to drench your land and the joy that you once knew is coming back again.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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