Overnight Surprise

A love letter from the Father



An overnight surprise of answered prayers is sooner than you think. In the anticipation of waiting, stir up the wonder of your child-like faith. Imagination is the beginning of a dream emerging from out of sight. 



Watch diligently for the hope to materialize, as I flow through your faith-filled determination. Out of the world of unseen faith, see your hopes appear, like a majestic sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer. Faith is what makes your hopes tangible and brings dreams into reality. 



Remember the days of excitement, when you believed without a worry. Wrap your thoughts up in your blessings and let the troubles fade away. Think only thoughts of fulfillment, your life is shaped by your thoughts. I will fill all of your needs with riches and superabundantly exceed your biggest imagination. 



Everything started when I spoke to your heart. The visions are sure! Be confident and cling to what you hope. Release your faith by pressing into expectation. Set your focus on manifestation. Create what you hope for with steadfast faith, anything is possible! Imagine that what you long for has already been fulfilled. 



The expectation is more than believing, it is receiving before the package arrives. When you release your faith with expectation, the desire is achieved. Persistent expectations will birth the gifts, like hand-wrapped packages adorned with love. 



Miracles are created in the invisible realm. If you can shape it with your faith, it will happen in your life. Keep believing to the end and I will give you an overnight surprise. The joy of what you seek is in you. Believe that you have received it, and it is yours.




Written by Dannette Lynn



Thank you!