The Treasures of the Mountains



It is not a surprise when divine promises get contested by darkness. That is something that I have experienced and it has both challenged and stretched my faith to trust in God to be our Ever Present Help. 


Over the course of the past 6 months, it was like hell broke loose against what God had promised me. Not long after publically sharing how the Lord would provide miracle provision for us through this blog, my reputation and character were attacked. 


 Numerous attacks came and I was blocked and hated by many. I had people who withdrew support from us when I refused to defend myself through harassing emails. I watched as the circle of friends began to fall away and the love of many grew cold. Most of my family turned away from me because they could not see beyond the blindness of a generational religion.



Though there were still many of Jesus’s friends who still continued to be loving, kind and faithful, it felt as if the whole world turned against me. I had nowhere to go and hardly anyone to turn to for help. People did not understand the way that Jesus had taken our family and I was persecuted for my obedience to walk in His calling. I found myself at such a lonely, yet beautiful place where I only had Jesus.  


The possibility of God’s promise to support us through this blog started to look hopeless. I found myself withdrawing from social media and no longer asking for prayers because I had lost hope in people. I battled doubt, as I found myself setting down His promises to me because I was distracted by the negativity and hate that surrounded me. 


But I remembered that once the Lord told me the promise of Isaiah 54:10, that even if the mountains would slip into the sea and the hills depart, that nothing would take away His promises and love for me. Even if every person on this planet hated me, God would always find a way to take care of me. 


Just this week, He gave me a dream encounter of going through the highs and the lows of difficult mountains. He showed me that He would manifest provisional treasures that He has hidden for us. In this time of being cast away by so many from the false accusations and warfare, I am finding myself on a new level of intimacy with Jesus. 


My heart is eager to see how God will move through these impossible-looking situations. He has given us the riches of His promises and all I can do is lay down into His presence and connect once again to those promises of His words.



My prayer is that the support of this blog would be doubled to make up for the demonic assault against it. That God would defend us against the gossiping whispers of witchcraft. There have already been many treasures that have shown up, like unexpected room discounts and surprise bank credits. He also keeps showing me that our promised home and vehicle are coming too. Even in this bleak darkness, there is hope on the horizon. 



Today I am trying not to focus on the void of what is missing or the desperate position of our needs, but to look with faith at His promises manifesting. He surely did not take us this far, to abandon us in a desert wilderness. He will always show love, especially to the unloved. Even if it feels like we are stranded in the most isolated place on the planet, He is there and eager to find us. I am trusting Him to continue to keep this promise. 




To those who have of you who have remained, I want to thank you from my heart. To God be the glory!


love and blessings,





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The mountains might shake.
    The hills might be removed.
But My faithful love for you will never be shaken.
    And My covenant that promises peace to you will never be removed,”
    says the Lord. He shows you His loving concern.

Isaiah 54:10