No One Knows

A love letter from the Father. 



No one knows the amount of suffering that you have traveled or the depths of despair that you have battled. The sorrows were wrapped around your neck and traps were laid at your feet flaunting death. Hope seemed lost from the currents of disappointment that continued to pull from the threatening entrenchments of darkness. 



In the loss and deep abyss of pain, there was much more to be gained. The treasures that I buried within you are causing you to rise again in a way that is more than you can dare to dream. Although it hurt to have hope before, I am asking you to trust Me and hope once more. What happened before will not happen this time because now I am bringing you up very high.



Although your feet touched the bottom-most flames, you are coming out and never going back again. Never doubt My devotion and eagerness to help you. I am exposing My hand from above to hold you and rescue you from that place where your cries were first heard.




Though everything seems unstable around you, My unfailing love you can always count on. It is not a child’s need to worry. Leave all the cares with Me and I will take care of everything. Don’t doubt My loving-kindness, protecting you is part of My plan. Have abundant confidence in who I am for you.




Even when it feels like your world is falling apart, My promises to you will always stand. I am pouring out more and more of My loving provisions until the depression is gone. I have restored your honor, so let your heart erupt with joy. The time of hiding has been too long. Arise with hope as My favor lifts you up high. The past pain has been restored to a be an exceedingly privileged place that you have not considered or imagined. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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