The Wolf List

“I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night” ~ Galileo



Many weeks ago, I received an audible promise from God. He said, “you can expect Me to provide the opposite of what you fear”. This word was so nourishing to my heart. The biggest area that God has been working with me to heal in my soul, is fear thinking. After years of abuse and being tormented by fears, I was always a mix between having hope like Winne the Pooh and pessimism like Eeyore. Holy Spirit has been working with me to heal my emotions to think from His ways of love and not ways of fear. A few days ago, He spoke to me just before waking up about healing negative thought patterns. 




Like the stars in the night sky, the darkness of fear has illuminated the beauty of His promises. I honestly don’t know how I could have survived walking through this lifestyle if it was not for His promises to take care of us. There have been times when I got caught off guard and I started thinking about how impossible it all seemed. To look at the desperate situations from any place other than faith is terrifying. 




It was probably a few years ago before all of this that I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that gave me a tiny glimpse of how incredibly high our faith can take us. When God says there are no limits…that means there is nothing that cannot be done. He lifted me to into this weightless position of rising into the sky. We were going so high, that the atmosphere started to change. 



The earth sky started to change into the appearance of outer space. Then I heard the Lord say, “you can go as high as you want if you don’t look down with unbelief”. All it took was one fearful thought about running out of oxygen and I looked down. Instantly I was back on the earth with my head looking up. It dawned on me that there is absolutely nothing impossible for us to accomplish by faith. 




When I was going through the terrible foreboding thoughts of fear, I created a “wolf list” between God and myself. The wolves were my fears. I took the promise that the Lord gave to me, that He would provide the opposite of my fears and added faith to believe in my hopes. Every time I had a fearful thought or worry, I would turn that fear into the opposite declaration of faith for a positive outcome. Instead of the fear of not having any money, I would write down “I always have plenty of money”.




Those fears became prophetic declarations for me to stand on. Just to see if the list was working, after a month of giving the Lord those fears, I had discovered that He had caused the opposite of every single fear to happen. The list worked and seeing the proof of it really inspires me to go deeper with my believing. There is a similar exercise like this one that I learned from Graham Cooke in the Audio teaching “Prophesy and Proclamation”. 




Today I have been battling so much fear and worries about our situation. I have been constantly giving my fears to God and reminding myself of His promises of the opposite outcome. Faith requires trust. So before I can rise up with faith, I need to trust Him to carry those fears and dreads. It can be scary when life feels like the darkest night and we can’t see how anything will happen. We may not be able to see where the blessing will come from, but the stars of His promises are a comfort for the soul to remind us that He can always be trusted to shine through any situation. 





With love,


Dannette Lynn



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A light that thrives in the depths of darkness,
    blazes through murky bottoms.
It cannot and will not be quenched.

John 1:5