Healing from the Trauma




I heard a story yesterday about a person that was facing impossible-looking situations like I have had to go through. From a natural standpoint, it was doomed and this person was in so much anguish by looking at the obstacles to overcome. The anguish was to the point of wanting to give up and no longer carry the hope of survival.  



The testimony ripped at my heart because I have been in that place where things in the natural looked so terrifying and impossible that I had fallen into the despair of hopelessness. I had been in that place, where the fear that surrounded me was so painful that I had also wanted to die. 



Then last night, I put on some music and sat in my bed. A song came on that took me back to some of the most painful days of this story. It was a song that I used to sing to Jesus over and over as I prayed for His rescue. I just started weeping, as I saw the memories flood before me. I started to cry and tell God how scared I was when that happened. 



Like when I was in that town in Florida, without a person to help me. I had no logical method to survive. I had no income and no home. But there I was in that hotel, clinging to God’s promise to me with all of my life. Even though God never failed us and He always miraculously provided, going through facing those fears in a life or death circumstance was traumatic for me. 



Before I ever started this journey, the Lord showed me a vision of pressing His promises into my mind with all of my strength. He told me that we have to get to the place where His promises become our only thoughts of reality and every doubt is erased. 



It says in the bible that fear is a form of torment and punishment. In order to live in the kind of faith that nothing is impossible, we have to overcome and push through those fears. Sometimes the only way to push out the fears is by allowing God to apply pressure. After going through the trauma of facing those fears, it is also important to heal from those memories. 



When I first started this faith walk, things did not come as easily. Faith grew in levels and some of the earlier memories were really scary. God did not fail to manifest His words, however, there were times that we barely made it and there were times when we survived on practically nothing. 



As faith is increased, new levels of His abundant life increased. It is a process of going into the deep waters of His provisional love because we are also needing to make His promises our new way of thinking. 



Lately, the Lord has been telling me that it is a new day and now is nothing like the past pain that I have been through. He said that things are going to flow easily and with more abundance. However, He also told me that I needed to let go of all that I had gone through and heal from the trauma of those memories because they were holding me down from accessing what He was saying. It is necessary to release ourselves from old experiences in order to access higher levels of faith. 



After I spent that time weeping over the memories, I told the Lord that I will receive His promise that those days are over and after much anguish, I let them go. After that, I went the wash my face and God gave me a sign that healing had happened. There was an old scar on my chin and as I washed my face, the old skin completely fell off and left behind completely new skin. 



That was also a prophetic sign for me to know that this is a new day. Those painful days of baby faith walking are over and now it is time to expect very big! God has some massive blessings that He is releasing as surprises. As we let go of the heavy pains of the past, we have room to receive so much more than we can even imagine.  




Blessings my friends! 


Dannette Lynn



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