This Day is a Dream Come True

A love letter from Jesus. 




As an eagle carries the weight of age-old feathers, the heaviness of those feathers makes it difficult to fly. In the process of molting change, his vision goes weak and his head hangs low from the calcium build up on his beak. In order to regain his majestic flight, he needs to put the past behind. 



Those thick old feathers need to go and the weight of what he was holding must be released. As the old burdens are lifted away, new beautiful feathers will grow in its place. No longer a prisoner to the traumas of the past, the eagle lifts up to soar into the unlimited possibilities of a new day. 



Today is a special day, so do not be sad about the problems that you face. This is a new beginning. Today is the day that you have been praying for, it is the start of the dream come true. Release yourself from past trauma and let it go. Don’t stay in the remembrance of what you have experienced before. 



I am telling you that nothing from before is going to happen now, so celebrate and be joyful. I am with you and have given you favor with blessings that multiply. Don’t take bad experiences of the past into this new day. It takes courage to let go of the way things were before. Move beyond the fear of discouragement and lift your hopes up to the sky. 



Begin again. What you have been longing for is happening now. Not everything is as it seems. I have overshadowed you with My kindness and love. Connect to the vision of promise and welcome it into the now. Stay filled with positive thoughts that this the time that you have been praying for!



My friend, I know the road to riches and I won’t let you down. The wealth that I have hidden in secret places is being brought to you. For now, there will be room for you to receive the extravagance that I am giving. I will deliver the generous provisions of My love and carry out My promises. Piling up like a plethora of treasures, every day I will add to you, more and more wealth to prosper you beyond your imagination. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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