The Love Soak



The Love soak is a selection of love letters saturated in relaxing music to bathe your soul in the luxurious love of God. His love is an abundant supply to provide and protect with personal intentions. Whatever you may fear, the love that Jesus gives through these promises will manifest to be the opposite. Bask in His love and stir up your faith to receive without delay. 




The love soak includes these 9 tracks: 



A promise of healing

Comfort from Suffering

I will answer your prayers

Stress-free blessings

Answered hope

Lean into Me

More than you have asked

The promise is here

Nourishing rain from heartache



Approximately 27 minutes long.





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Background music by Royalty-Free Music. Licensed under creative commons attribution 3.0 (reuse allowed). The Love Soak with Dannette Lynn, Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2019. All rights reserved.