Hidden in Risk




There has been a familiarity that God has been speaking to me that brought back nostalgic feelings of excitement, fear, and wonder. He has been telling me that He has hidden wealth in a place of risk. This is a higher place that can be reached by a faith that trusts beyond comfort zones. 



Even though I cannot see it yet, the Lord has been telling me that we are at a new level of faith rewards with increased levels of provision and blessings. Within a week or 2, He is asking me to take a step of faith that very much resembles the beginning steps that we took. This move of faith is a place where the Lord becomes a bridge for our feet, and once we start walking towards His leading with total trust, He will reveal those hidden treasures. 




I remember the first time when we had to travel by an adventurous faith like this and it was exhilarating, but also dreadful because I had to walk through the intimidations of fear that attempted to stop me. Back then, I only had enough money to pay for a hotel room for me and my kids for a few days and I could not see with my natural eyes how we could possibly survive this journey. 



However, God moved in miraculous ways to help us and He rewarded our determination to trust Him. Those few days turned into weeks, then months and now years. The first time around, I was an emotional mess. Days before I took the leap of faith, I could not peel myself off of the floor. All I did was pray and cry and pray some more. I did not know how to relieve myself of those nagging worries. 



This time, I have encountered His goodness so much that the worries are much less. I have also found new ways to release myself from those worries and trust His hand of help. Still, I am not there yet and I have been getting anxious about going over that high bridge of faith again. We have to trust what God is saying and where the Good Shepherd is leading. He can see the hidden treasures before we can. Sometimes all it takes is faith and trust to draw what is hidden out into view. 



Over the past several weeks, the Lord has been giving me plentiful words about upgraded living, faith rewards, extravagant blessings and answered prayers. I truly believe that it is that risk-taking faith that exhibits true trust that activates this new level of intentional goodness. Trust is faith in action and faith must have movement to manifest. As you and I move deeper into this trust, I believe that we will be exceedingly blessed and comforted by His love and goodness. Enjoy these new levels of faith rewards because God is going to surprise you with more than you hope or expect. 





Much love!





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“For God intended that your faith not be established on man’s wisdom but by trusting in His almighty power”

1 Corinthians 2:5