Two at Once

A love letter from Jesus. 




I understand the problems that have afflicted you. It’s time to stop looking at the negative situation and come into the dwelling place of your answered prayer requests. The thoughts that you have been meditating on are not good for you. See your life from above and not below. I will most certainly bring these desires to completion.



Don’t try to understand how it will be done, just trust that it will happen. I already told you that My plans for you are good, even better than you expect. Immediately cast down every thought or imagination of a negative. Instead, concentrate all of your thoughts on believing that you already have the petition. Clearly see yourself with it and put away the distractions. 



Return to your safety of hope-filled thoughts. Faith is the confirmation of what you are hoping for. Start thinking like you already have what you request and I will cause a sudden birth to manifest! Set your thoughts and focus on seeing yourself already there and let the celebration begin. You already have what you prayed about!



Have faith in the effectiveness of your words and believe it. Say what you want and speak it into existence. Pronounce it to be and I will bring the delivery to fruition. I am ready to overwhelm you with more blessings than you could ever imagine so that you are always taken care with an extravagance. 



Showers of blessings will rain upon you until all of your needs are satisfied. I will miraculously provide for you and multiply your resources into an abundance. You will be made rich in everything so that your generosity is spilling over to others who have needs. I will make sure that you always have more than enough.  



There is nothing that I will deny you and there are no limits. I can do anything! Today I am declaring over you a double answer to your prayers to replace the anguish. Without the waiting, your prayers will be born, wiping away the memories of torment. Your joy will be a river overflowing to its banks! Believe that I have already answered your prayers and expect it to suddenly happen. 







Written by Dannette



To send a blessing:





 It was this child I prayed for, and the Eternal has indeed granted me the petition I made.  1 Samuel 1:27