Take Possession of the Prayer

A love letter from Jesus.




This thing will turn out different than before, I am granting the desire. I will provide Divine provision, so pray knowing that I won’t deny you. All you have to do is ask for it, take possession and believe. You have what you need, the abundance of My blessings are buried within. The Wellspring of My love is pouring out with bountiful riches.



Keep yourself in constant hope and trust in who I am. Daily I load you with blessings to crown you with My unfailing love and compassions. When your soul is famished and withering, I will fill you with rare and beautiful things. I will always satisfy you, so dare to believe for big.



Nothing is restrained that you can imagine to do, think bigger and envision. Stay focused on the desired outcome with confident assurance. See the outcome before you get there and receive it in your heart. Imagination builds your faith of receiving. Believe with confident trust that you have already received the request and it is guaranteed to be yours!




There is power in daring faith to make your hopes come true. Make your prayers bold, because I won’t deny you. Take possession of your prayer and don’t let go for anything. Command the well to spring up. Sing, sing to the well! I will come through your prayers as rushing waters to break through.





Written by Dannette

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