You Will Receive the Opposite of What You Fear

A love letter from Jesus.




High above every problem, stay elevated to expect good things. Every ride with Me comes with a celebration of good things. Plan ahead for what you want to see, My answer is “Yes’. Assume that you already have the desire and speak it into existence. 



I am the One who comforts you and gives you peace, so why are you afraid? Don’t worry—lookup with optimistic thoughts and not down to a negative. Now you are coming out of the pit of disappointment to take hold of your longings. Rise up and step out of the pain, as I bring joy out of the mourning. 



Place every fear into My hands and allow Me to take care of you. As a bird carefree with flight, forget your worries and have faith in My kindness. Not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from My plan. So do not worry, you are more valuable than that. 



Keep smiling knowing you can always count on Me. I will give you the comfort of your heart’s desires and the sound of thanksgiving will fill the air. Overwhelming honor will crown your head with happiness while desperation and depression melt away into nothingness. 



I will meet your needs with the opposite of what you fear. With generous goodness, I will cause the answer to your prayers to flourish into happiness. Anything is possible, so don’t be discouraged. Many things are going to happen at the same time to bring about a downpour of extravagant blessings. 





Written by Dannette


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