Confrontation with Goodness



A love letter from the Father. 




I am going to move in ways that challenge your mindset that will bring a direct confrontation with My goodness. I am going after fear and a perception of low thinking. I will challenge your thoughts with My intentional love. 



Nothing feels better to a parent than giving a good gift to His child. Yet, I will do better than that! You are My child and you have nothing to fear. Even if the world slipped into the sea, My love would never fail you. Be confident in the fact that you are loved and favored as the apple of My eye.




Trust who I am and depend on My kindness. Resist every foreboding thought. Relinquish control and let go into a higher expectancy. You are unstoppable. Have the courage to be doubt and fear-free. Don’t limit Me, but rise up with hope and stay faithful to the vision. You cannot doubt your faith because birds are always expecting.



I will perform it! Ask what you desire with faith without wavering in your thoughts. Pull it down out of the spirit by faith and hold onto your confidence. Tell your mind optimistic thoughts to think. Touch the clouds with an insanely huge imagination. These things will turn out to be far better than you are expecting.  




Written by Dannette