Anticipate Beauty

A love letter from the Father




Anticipate beauty! It is a new day, so leave the past. Lay the ashes of affliction at the altar and do not touch them again. Before you can move into the future, the old perception needs to end. Forget the bad that you see and don’t look back. Leave beyond the pain of what you have known. See yourself as the new. Believe that you have received it now and it will become you.



I will bring fulfillment out of season, it will feel like a dream. Your desires are being satisfied with good gifts and your youthful beauty is being restored to double than it was. Sing, because now you will always have more than enough! I am challenging the way that you think by giving you too much…more than what you can hold. 



Listen carefully to My words of goodness and let your soul delight in an abundance. I will give you all that you can drink until your heart overflows. Against all hope…keep believing. Hopeless looking conditions do not limit My power. Don’t be afraid–you’re not going to be embarrassed. You’ll forget about the suffering that you once endured. What you fear will not happen, so indulge your heart and believe for big. 



Come with Me into the attainment and change the way that you think. A good thing happening does not mean that something bad will come. The suffering of your hardship is over and you can relax in refreshment and peace. Concentrate on the dream and focus on becoming what you seek. Don’t let anything keep you from your dreams. Push away every negative thought and fearful imagination.  



You don’t have to wait, step into the possession. What you are waiting for is here, you only had to believe. Trust Me to manifest your treasured promises. Keep your hopes up and don’t give up. I am a Good Father and I will not deny you! See yourself as the dream and believe for the impossible. It will happen so fast that you won’t even see it coming.  





Written by Dannette


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