One Thing On Top of Another

A love letter from the Father



Because I am with you in these dark moments to manifest the comfort of your needs, you have no reason to worry. You can say that you have what you need and I will do as you speak. Use the pressure of the moment to draw the blessings out. I appointed you to speak with My authority over your circumstance. You are a conduit of My blessings, open the door with your expectations. Your word—My word—will cause a sudden surprise blessing. 


I will do superabundantly more than you can ask or think. The promise flows through your faith-filled words to release the power of instant manifesting. You simply cannot comprehend the plethora of My generosity. Before I even formed you in your mother’s womb, I predestined you for a magnificent array of blessings. 


I am pouring out My wealth of provisions in such a way that far exceeds your reasoning or understanding. Do not think that you need to suffer in order to receive it. No sorrows are added to My true riches. Think from your Unlimited Supply in Me, instead of setting your sights on the deficiency of your needs. I will give over and above all that you need. Instead of receiving only in your needs, I will now show you the abundance of My generosity–one thing on top of another. 




Written by Dannette



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