I noticed a pattern and had a little revelation that I would love to share. There were several times when I was down to my last few dollars, that I would sense the Lord stirring me to release what I had in order to receive the miracle of my needs. For instance, I had only $10 and I needed to feed my family. But there was also someone that I knew that had a need for $10. I could have easily bargained for food to provide a meal under $10, but I could not deny what the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart. 


So I chose to give God my trust and I released my $10 to someone else in need. Immediately after I released what I had (and needed), a donation came through that was over $200. The offering of my trust to God was multiplied back to me without a delay. This was not the only time this happened to me. Like ducks all in a row, it happened time and time again. Every time that I yielded to God and gave Him my offering of trust, a financial miracle was released to be my ever-present help. 


The Lord brought to my heart the story from Matthew 14 of the fish and loaves miracle. I noticed that before the miracle of multiplication happened, Jesus dedicated a time first to give thanks in advance. When we give thanks to God before something happens, we are operating in the faith that believes that it is already received (as in Mark 11:24). Additionally, the friends of Jesus with the bread and fishes gave all that they had. 


Giving is a form of worship and an expression of trust in God to provide. Giving what you have out of your need is the boldest act of faith-filled thanksgiving. It is like planting a seed for a miracle through faith that brings multiplication. So my encouragement for you today is that if you have a need, then take a bold step of faith and release what you have to the Lord. Then get ready to recover it all because you will get more than what you had before. Everything that you have released will come back to you multiplied, pressed down and pouring over! 






Blessings and love,






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