No More Shallow Water

A love letter from Jesus. 




In the desperate longing for change, I am answering your prayers. I am here to comfort you and dry away your tears. The drought is over. The end of this will be better than the beginning. You will be comforted from your mourning by receiving relief from the affliction. There are no more shallow financial waters, where it was dry, there is now an overflowing. 




It’s time to let the old die, you are entering into your promised riches. Leave the past behind and don’t try to predict a negative outcome based off of the remembered afflictions. Don’t be afraid to hope again or fear to suffer the same pain. Do not try to predict a negative outcome because of the former suffering. Forget your past and the anguishing feeling that you barely survived. 





Don’t look back, because you will be amazed! 





I am filling you to an overflow, don’t be afraid to expect for My goodness. Do not worry, you will not be embarrassed. Keep only thoughts of knowing that the suffering is finally over. Believe it to see it as you launch out into the deep of receiving. Be willing to be vulnerable to hope and expect. 





I am giving you an abundance, this is the end of the suffering. You will have more than you expect—life in its fullness until you are pouring over! Have faith, trust, and positive thoughts and you will see what you hope. Stretch your thinking to believe that you have reached the immensity of the deep. The pain of the past affliction is finally over. Now you have reached the new levels.






Written by Dannette



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