The other day I had to walk from our motel to the laundromat. On the walk back from doing my laundry, I saw a little coffee shop. I decided to step in and get a hot coffee. I was carrying a super large bag that was full of my folded clothes. The people in that store were all very wealthy and nicely dressed. The parking lot was lined with fancy new cars.




When I stepped inside the coffee shop, people turned to look at me. Then I realized that I looked like a little homeless lady with my big bags and worn out clothes. I felt so humiliated and out of place that I turned and left the coffee shop without even getting myself what I went in for. On the walk back to our room, I had warm tears pouring out of my eyes. It was so hard to walk through that humiliation. In that moment of sorrow, I identified myself as a poor homeless person with no car. I felt completely horrible.



Then the Lord said to me,



“Dannette, you already have it. You already have the car, the home, the financial abundance. I gave you My promise. There is still so much for you to accept and explore. When I made you a promise, it was already yours. Change the way you identify yourself. You have everything that your heart desires”




After that, the Lord gave me a dream. He took me to a house that looked like ‘Beauty and the Beast theme”. I sat outside the house throughout the night in the darkness and in the cold. When morning came, I went inside and it was as if I was Belle stepping into the enchanted mansion. There was a feast for me with all of the things that I loved that God had promised to give. There were beautiful clothes and it was so delightful. Then the Lord said to me, “You can have Beauty now”. He told me that I already had to access His promises now. He said that I didn’t even have to wait until the morning to experience those promises. He told me that I could have His promises TODAY.




I sensed the Holy Spirit lead me to start declaring that I have ownership of those promises once again. As if I was Jeremiah, He was telling me to think the good thoughts of His word and not the negative thoughts of doubt and defeat. I already had everything that He promised me! Much like if God were to upload a handwritten check into your mobile bank for a deposit. The money is already there. What makes the money come quicker is how much you pull with your faith. 




“If you return to me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve me. If you speak good words rather than worthless ones, you will be My spokesman. You must influence them; do not let them influence you!”

Jeremiah 15:19




Whatever is going on in your life that is negative, I encourage you to challenge your circumstance by taking ownership of your promises. You can change your life by changing your thoughts and perspective. You achieve what you believe. You have full access to everything now. Everything that God has promised you is already done. You have everything you have been praying for…Today!





Blessings and Love!

Dannette Lynn






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