The Barrenness is Over

A love letter from Jesus.




The barrenness is over and the struggle has diminished. The promise I made for you includes the provision. Be supremely confident that I am always Faithful. My words are always true and always here with you. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never leave you.



Elevate your thinking to believe My Words and materialize the miracle power that you need. Go back to the wonderful place of child-like faith and let the limitations from past experiences be erased. Lengthen your cords of trust and strengthen your stakes into My truth. You are spreading out to inhabit My gifts of magnitude. 



You will be lifted up into miracles, as you cast the weight of worry onto Me. This will cause the pressure to go down and generate an upward force of lift. You cannot move by faith when carrying heavy anxieties. You have everything that you need. Confront the fears of false evidence accepted as real and stay believing in Me. 



What you believe within yourself will change what happens on the outside. Think only thoughts of faith, because faith does not worry. Think from your promises and stay determined to believe. Say within yourself that the promises I have given to you are here and never think a doubt. I will give wings to your faith-filled thoughts to raise you up in My power. 



Submit your thoughts to My Promises and access true power to fulfill your dreams. The presence of My love is flaring up like a blazing fire of an unquenchable flame. You will surely see My goodness. Expect and look for Me to bring fulfillment as your faith touches My heart. It’s time to get excited because something great is about to happen in this new place. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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