I Am Going to Surprise You

A love letter from Jesus.  



In the darkness, you are not able to see what is there. Although it looks absent from your sight, there are treasures in the night. I have hidden wealth for you in this place and secret provisions prepared for this time. I am the Miracle Water that springs up from out of the dry ground. Thank Me in advance for what I am going to do. Everything has already been turned around to bless you. I have called you and made you who you are so that you could experience for yourself the intentional plans of My heart. 



Now do not worry, but rest here in Me. I have not failed you and I won’t start now. I will save you from every fear and give you plenty in times of famine. Even when darkness is all around you, do not be afraid. My word is the Solitary voice that echoes through the darkness. My whisper brings the stars of promise into existence and cripples the plans of your rivals. My purposes for you will stand the test of time and the thoughts of My heart will awaken and stir the manifestation for your needs. 



Release your heart songs of praise, as I bring everything into place. Pray and believe that you have received even before you can see it. Use your trust as a key to unlock the treasures. Do not doubt in your heart and give no space to a fearful thought. In this new place, you have to stay positive. Trust who I am for you and trust in My power. I am going to surprise you with far more than you can imagine. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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