This Ends Where It Begins

A love letter from Jesus. 



In a storm, the chaos on the ocean’s surface threatens to sink even the best of all ships. The underlying stress of the water currents pulls large vessels with force towards the seabed. Don’t let what’s happening on the outside get into you with worry but have peace that My promises are pouring out into fulfillment. 



Settle down into a place where no doubt or fear exists. I have given you a promised outcome so that you could have peace in every trial. I gave you My word and that makes the promise certain. With total confidence in My faithfulness enter into rest. The foaming waves of opposition cannot penetrate you because My promises are spilling out as blessings of righteousness.  



Use your faith in the invisible promise to overcome the impossible situations that you face. This ends where it begins because the promise is already yours. As you draw to receive from the Spirit, the treasures that I have hidden in you will manifest. Confidence comes with every promise. Expect the best! Believe you have received it and you will have it.





Written by Dannette Lynn


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