Draw from the Invisible



Hello! I wanted to share with you an amazing revelation that the Lord gave me and the results that came from using this exercise. This message is a foundation for the next love letter. It all started with a very whimsical dream encounter that I had. In this encounter, the snow outside was lightly falling and there was a tree over my head. The tree was barren with no leaves or fruit on the branches. 



Right away I could tell that this tree represented going through times of difficulty and barrenness to receive provision. The wonderful part of this scene is on every branch of the tree, there were rainbow colored sparrows looking down at me. The Lord showed me that this was a promise for miracles of provision, even in the most impossible circumstances. 



A few days prior to this encounter, I also dreamed that I had a miracle baby, that was born on a day that didn’t exist. I knew through the revelation of the Holy Spirit that I was given a promise for miracles to happen. As I prepared to start exercising my faith to receive these promises, the Lord highlighted to me the scripture about how Abraham received his promise before having his faith tested to place his promised son on the altar. 



Because Abraham received his promise that through Isaac, he would have many descendants, Abraham had already let go of Isaac and received him back from the dead in his mind. Abraham’s faith was able to draw out his promise in order to receive the ram of the provision that he desperately needed. 



By faith Abraham, when he endured God’s testing, offered his beloved son Isaac as a sacrifice. The one who had received God’s promise was willing to offer his only son; God had told him, “It is through Isaac that your descendants will bear your name,” and he concluded that God was capable of raising him from the dead, which, figuratively, is indeed what happened.

Hebrews 11:17-19




The key to this revelation is to receive the promise within in order to draw the promise out into the natural realm. The provision was given through the spirit. but had to be possessed mentally before seeing it appear outside. That means that in order to access the promised provision, we must use our faith to open that door to the promise and answered prayer. 



So I began to walk through this revelation myself. I envisioned that there was a tree full of multi-colored sparrows over my head. I also imagined with my faith that I opened the door to this promise. As I opened the door by faith, I could see hundreds of those sparrows flying out through the door to deliver my promised provision. I repeated this exercise over and over for many hours. I also decreed that I had my promise already. This was a time of using focused imagination to put faith into action. 



The very next day after doing this faith exercise, I opened up my phone app for the hotel. Overnight, God had given me over 60,000 points in my hotel account (there was only 4000 the day before) and I was able to book two nights for free for this coming weekend, which is when the cost of staying here is ridiculously expensive. By faith in God’s promises, I was able to draw out the provision that I needed. The provision that I needed was hidden in the spirit realm and was only able to be accessed through child-like faith. 




I am so excited to write this next love letter and I am hoping to be able to repeat this process in order to draw out of my invisible promise the provisions that I need to cover every day this week. And I am also hoping that I can draw out some new shoes since I have to walk everyplace that I need to go lol! I pray this testimony and revelation is an extreme treasure for you. May you be able to draw out of your hidden promises to bring you a surprise this week. 





Love you!


Dannette Lynn


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