Uncovered…An Update

An update and plot twist. 




In the last update that I send out, I shared with you that I was getting ready to start my journey for healing miracles. Shortly after we arrived in the new town, the Lord spoke to me to have a mammogram. He showed me that they would find something throughout the testing. So I followed the Holy Spirit’s direction and had some tests performed. I found out that I have stage 4 breast cancer. 




However, long before the Lord uncovered this thing that was hiding in my body, He gave me a promise of healing. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a very spiritual encounter with Jesus. I was slow dancing with Him and He started to speak Jeremiah 29:11 to me. The moment when He spoke that His plans were for good and not for evil, His word opened up and He explained to me in the deepest way that I had ever known that there was a curse of death on my body, but that He has already sent His word to heal me. 




Then, a few months ago, the Lord showed me this attack of death as a gigantic spider. Then He told me that the best way for me to fight this was to do nothing. The Lord showed me that He would pour out His spirit through an encounter and drown the “spider” of cancer. I am not sure as of yet if I will be undergoing any further procedures or not. I plan to keep updates posted on the blog and probably my facebook page when I am ready to take that step. 




One of the biggest problems that I have been walking through is there have been intense financial attacks to cover these tests and procedures. As you all know that we are already living on the cliff-edge of financial faith. Yet Papa God keeps showing me that He already has plans of provision heading our way. One of the steps that He asked me to take was to start to be more transparent about my stories. This is the first step and now my heart is following after Jesus to see the rest of the story. 




I feel like my blog is a place where I can pour my heart out and so many of you have been more loving and supportive than anyone I have ever known before. It gives me so much comfort and hope. It also gives me a great outlet where I can be a blessing to help others in return. So I am sharing this update with you so that you can walk with me through these promises. Also so that you can know what I am fighting in the seclusion of this quiet little room, through this walk of faith. Thank you for your kindness and support!  






With much love,





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